Tuesday, 4 March 2014

'I might be an underachiever, but I do have a name!' - the girl who's always late

Aaaand here I am again. Long time no BBC. I mean, see. But that's right as well; I've been watching anime instead of Classic Who for two weeks now. Sadly, my procrastination knows no limits...! *starts to plot seppuku*

I'm at Collegiate Learning Centre, and I should be writing my seminar short answers. Since I was late again, I have to finish on my own. Two questions out of six done at the moment. I feel useless. I've been late for lectures almost every single time after January. And there's no progress in my dissertation/thesis whatsoever. I have failed both universities already (and my dissertation tutors never answered my email. I gotta let them know that I am deeply sorry and still alive...)! I really do hope there is still some hope left for me (no pun intended).

I actually fell in love with this anime series called KILL la KILL recently. I also made a playlist inspired by it as well! You can listen to it here. I've been at home watching anime and other stuff even more than back in Finland, to be honest. Nope, haven't been clubbing yet, not even once. Just been to pubs a couple of times, and those times have always had something to do with local politics. Can't stop the signal! Sheesh, I bought two hard-covers of Serenity comics. Yet still I'm planning to buy a DW audio story with Katy Manning's autograph. Goodbye, money!

I think I should resume my studying and this seminar stuff already. See you around!

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