Friday, 17 January 2014

"There are no ghosts and not too many aliens in Sheffield."

Are you alright? Why do I start with a question like that, you ask? Well, many people use that here... Don't know if it's like "how do you do?", or do people really ask that... :D Well, guess I can ask someone tomorrow!

Today, starting at 9.30 am, began the orientation, finally! The Student crew and staff were a lot of fun to watch, especially Andrew, Yat, and the Brazilians :D Sheffield Hallam is a very friendly place, even when it comes to staff! :3 They are the most approachable people, like, ever. ♥ Well, at least compared to some other places.

Everything went well, hence the fact that I failed to lock the door in the morning (luckily I wasn't the last one to leave). I even caught the bus in the morning - like a boss. I know, that was a lame one. Sorry not sorry :D I got to the City Campus in time, 'cos a very friendly lady helped me, I didn't even ask! :3 And after the hectic day of cultural diversity, local sweet chili and lime crisps (doesn't beat Finnish university lunches, though), vaccinations, chatting with a copper in the Marketplace, and late househunting with a new Portuguese friend, I even managed to disembark on the right bus stop! ♥ I'm getting the hang of it already, yay :3 But now for bed, the orientation continues 9.30 am!

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