Friday, 17 January 2014

The Lazy European Walkers

The new indie rock band in Sheffield, even comparable to Arctic Monkeys!! ...Nah, not really. The title of this entry is the name of our team in the Sheffopoly game this afternoon :D There were two Finnish girls (me and my friend), a Danish girl and a German girl in our team. We were too lazy to take a taxi or a bus, so we just walked around the city centre. I discovered many new places, such as a HMV (a shop of CDs, records, DVDs, video games...)! ♥ I bought some anime DVDs from one in London in 2011. It's been so long...

I'm really tired right now, so I won't write more today. Sheffield citizens would just say "Be reet", which means that I should take it easy, it'll be fine. Goodnight for now, tomorrow is the big trip! ♥

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