Monday, 13 January 2014

Safe and sound, but missing an additional SD card...

I'm here! I'm actually here in the UK! And I'm already loving my landlord's cat, he's so adorable ;w; ♥

Yeah, anyway. I left 3:10 a.m. from Tampere bus station, and left my dear there... Well I was the one who cried :'3 I couldn't even sleep during the bus trip, even though my eyes hurt =_= After a couple of hours I was at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, terminal 2. It wasn't even 6 o'clock, and there I stood, ready to check-in. Hehe. It went well, and so did the security checkup. I bought my host family some Finnish rye bread before the flight. The trip went fine - I even got some breakfast! :3

In Manchester I got to see some mentors, who took us to a minibus, on which we rode to Sheffield. People have been very friendly and eager to help here, I love it here... I went to see a flat which was quite close to the City Campus, but I'm not convinced about the flat's quality and air condition... On the other hand, this emergency accommodation seems very nice :3 And the host family liked the bread, too! The only problem is that this place is too far from both campuses... I got to keep on looking, I guess.

I can't even enroll yet, because I have to wait for all the other psychology students to arrive. Gosh, I won't get a student card and I won't be able to get discounts on buses etc. I got my British SIM card to work, but I can't use Whatsapp or take pictures with the spare phone it is in, 'cos I don't have any SD memory cards... Gahh, I guess I'll find something when we go shopping tomorrow! :3 I just have to remember to visit the Collegiate Crescent campus, 'cos my Erasmus and psychology contact person is there. Well, I won't mind to go here and there, it's so pretty here! ♥ But now I'll get some well earned sleep. G'night!

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