Saturday, 25 January 2014

Moving on... Can't stop the signal!

Got the new hoover on Tuesday, and the bedding set from uni as well! :3 The set had bed linen, too, yay! Now having a bit of a congested nose, thanks to the cleaning I did. The hoover is so shiny that I'd like to keep it... Well, not really, but it's so cool! Still waiting for them to fix my radiator and change the light bulbs from kitchen/lounge room... At the office they said that it all will be done next week. Argh, why does everything take so long here? :'D I mean, I enrolled just yesterday, and it takes about 24 hours for the modules to be even seen. Then I have to choose and confirm them, so I can access my timetable.

On Tuesday I went to Hallam University's Sci-fi and Fantasy Club's Welcome-back-meal-thingy. I had a steak, can't remember what kind exactly, but next time I should order more prepared than a medium... I really did say medium plus, but it was still quite raw... At least I got to meet cool people, we talked about Doctor Who and Firefly! ♥ One guy said that he'd bring the Firefly boardgame tnext day, but he couln't, so I didn't have to go to the centre on Wednesday after all :3 Maybe next week then...

Update commence! A handyman switched the light bulbs to the kitchen/lounge area, finally! My room is still a bit cold, though... I guess I have to complain again.

Well, by midnight I could see two of my four modules, but unfortunately only on my SHUspace Blackboard... I still can't confirm my modules on My Student Record or see anything in my Assessment Diary... Error is over 9000! Lame jokes again, yay :'D

I was thinking of going to the walk to Weston Park tomorrow (today) morning at 10 am, but I also have a deadline of my thesis' method part on Monday... So maybe I have to skip that, it seems to be quite cloudy anyway. I'll go to sleep now, I've been awake quite late this week as well - I'm still adapting to the Greenwich Mean Time... :D

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