Friday, 3 January 2014

Let's get cracking!


I'm still not sure if I should write in English or Finnish... Ah, well, maybe English will do, I'm going to the UK, after all. ♥

My name is Terhi and this is my exchange blog. I already created one in Wordpress, but I had some problems with it: the blog duplicated itself, and almost every time I logged in, I saw a different version of it. Since I had different headers for both replicas, I could easily tell which one it was. I also made unique posts for both versions, so I can even more clearly... And today I saw different version than yesterday...

So, long story short, I decided to create another blog for my time in exchange in Sheffield Hallam University! I will travel there in... 9 days, actually! ♥ I just booked the tickets and could finally apply for accommodation... I hope I get a place to stay before I leave... Well, I think I have to go now, I still have some assignments to do before I leave...!

See you around!

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