Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From York Minstry to the Satan Pit - that's how I spend my weekends(?)

My first weekend in Sheffield included a trip to York and a peculiar Sunday, I'd say. Well, first I'll tell about York. I went to the Owen building (main entrance at City Campus) to wait for our departure. I think we were half an hour late to go, 'cos the student crew member taking us there had a little injury 'cos he slipped on the way. Yes, it was raining, actually it rained all day long, even in York. "What a beautiful weather to visit York!" said one shopkeeper there :D

York was very pretty, not too big, but the trip included a lot of walking, because every single shop and café was scattered around there... I'll add photos here later when I have time and/or feel like it.

My feet were kind of sore the next day... Still, I think I spent the best Sunday in ages! I went to the Sunday service with my host family, and then to a antiques store / flea market thingy! :3 The worship was a bit different from the ones I'm used to, but it was fun :D And I bought some Doctor Who, Star Trek, Monty Python, and Les Mis DVDs... I even bought Doctor Who: The Satan Pit Set, it looks like this :3 Later we had a "family dinner", and my hostess' daughter said I look younger than I am! I'm going to miss them all ;u;

I started writing this on Sunday or Monday, but since I've been busy with moving my stuff, I only finished it now :'D Next post will be about moving in and exploring a new area, Ecclesall Road!

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