Thursday, 16 January 2014

And now for some night blogging

"And now for something completely different..." Actually, I'd say yes to that. Tuesday was quite a long day in the end. I slept quite late, had a late breakfast... I was bound to miss the shopping tour anyway. Instead I took a bus knowing that I was late, and wandered off myself. And had my first Burger King meal ever. Wasn't that bad, actually :3

I went to see the landlord of a flat on Talbot Street which I viewed on Monday. I had to tell the landlord that the location wouldn't be ideal for me, since I'll have my course in Southborne, which is in Collegiate Crescent Campus. He showed me to other flats: one was in Norfolk and the other was on London Road. Norfolk one was quite luxurious compared to the Talbot Street one, but it would be quite far even from City Campus, even though buses go quite regularly to the Centre from there. The flat on London Road was... Well, okay, but there area would have been too noisy, and I should have either walked long-ish distances to both campuses, or taken the bus every day.

Luckily I got a call from an agent in Ecclesall, and he showed me a flat on Wednesday! :3 It was so nice in an ideal place, so I had to take it...! About 5 minutes to Collegiate Campus, and buses to City Campus about every 3-5 minutes. The rent is a little high, but at least it's all-inclusive! I also bought one SD card on Ecclesall Road, there are so many shops and cafés there :3 ♥

I'll tell you more tomorrow or later this week, but not on Saturday, because I'm going to York! ♥

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